Atlantis Ottertex Canvas

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This fun triangular shaped pouch in leather can hold more than it looks like. I have in mine: cell phone (galaxy S20, 4 oz lotion, small card wallet, lipgloss, keys and a small coin pouch. This bag takes up to 2-4 weeks to construct. 

Email me if you would like to order a custom Atlantis in a material of your choosing. All material costs are upfront. They can be made in solid leather (I can send you color options via email inquiry)

Available sizes for custom make:

Mini (coin pouch) 3 3/4in(w) x 3 3/4in(h) x 4in(d)

Small 4 3/4in(w) x 4 3/4in(h) x 6in(d)

Medium 5 3/4in(w) x 5 3/4in(h) x 6in(d)

Large 7 3/4in(w) x 7 3/4in(h) x 8in(d)