Collection: Custom Orders



You design your own bag and Mars Jameson creates it.

Custom orders consultations are free. Simply email or visit Mars Jameson on Facebook and use messenger to inquire about a custom order.

How custom can you get?

I love taking on new design challenges so feel free to send me your ideas however I can't guarantee that it can be done but let's chat about it and see what I can make happen. Bags available on the site can be customized. 

You can ask for your name to be put on or in the bag. Multiple exterior and lining colors. Thickness of bag. Strap length, thickness, etc. custom tassels, thread colors, hardware material, and other ideas. 

How long does it take to get a custom design?

This depends on my workload and what material is available. 2-3 weeks is standard time however if I finish your design earlier than noted you will be notified. There are no priority orders being taken. 


Understanding leather. 

A few things to note about leather is that not all colors are available in leather and if they are, they may not be available in the small sizes needed to make a handbag. Different colors for the same bag will have to come from the same vendor to maintain texture consistency thus if you want a red and yellow leather bag, I'd need to buy both colors from the same vendor. This isn't extremely hard to do but can be a challenge the more colors you need.

Leather has different weights thus only certain weights are able to be used for bag creation. Leather can be expensive and inexpensive no matter the size of the project and I can work with you to get the bag you want in the price range you'd like, if possible. 

To ensure quality, I purchase all leather that is delivered to me. While I do not prefer you supply your own leather, if it is good quality ad the right weight, I will accept. 

Unique leather colors may be difficult to locate without buying the whole or half hides which are expensive. All leather cannot be purchased in specific sizes however some leather can be purchased in 12 x 12, 24 x 24 and 36 x 36 inches. My leather is sourced from tanneries in the US, Canada or Italy. 

Custom orders have up front costs which will be discussed and determined during consultation. 

Other types of materials for custom can be canvas and cordura (what our D2N totes are made of) a water resistant canvas. 

Do I offer Sketches of designs?

If you request a sketch, I will provide one. Intricate designs may require a 3D replica out of paper and if so a $20 design fee is charged and up front.

What if you don't like the finished product?

You are not obligated to purchase the final product however you will not be refunded any upfront costs. Before the bag is fully completed and customized with any personal additions (initials,etc.) you will receive a photo for your review. While in the bag making process I do not send progress photos.

If at any moment I am unable to complete your custom order you will be notified and refunded in full.

I look forward to working with you.  

-Mo Merrell, Owner & Designer